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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 7, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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the search is on a driver that hit two people. what else the driver and co-conspiressors are accused of. and a hospital that could soon be closing and what staff and patients say they plan to do about it. plus, a project that could bring in 10,000 new jobs to the south bay. the social media giant who is hoping to make a major expansion.
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three suspects still on the loose after a driver hit two people and ran from police and then hit a third one. >> reporter: this is the area where police say three suspects went running to after the crash. they have not been captured. police hope someone knows who they are and somebody comes forward this was the scene after 9:40 last night. the driver of the darker vehicle slamming into the garage area of an apartment complex on franklin and chestnut in the marina district. san francisco police say three suspects were in the car. earlier last night undercover police officers were actually tracking them for possible auto burglary in an area near bay street. police say the driver may have known he was being followed so he sped away, ran a redlight, eventually hitting a pedestrian, a car and slamming
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into the garage. police say they were not in pursuit of the car but after the crash the suspects ran off. >> we did search the park area with the assistance of the u.s. park police, k-9. they are still outstanding. at this point anyone with information is asked to contact san francisco police if they've saw the suspects or any information that would lead us to the identity of the suspect and their apprehension. >> reporter: there's heavy damage to the area of the garage complex. people living nearby couldn't believe it happened so close to home. >> hearing sirens for two and-a-half, three hours non-stop. i didn't really hear the initial crash but i just heard up and down franklin, pretty busy street. >> reporter: two people including the pedestrian have non life-threatening injuries. they are expected to be ok. police say the car the suspects were in was taken in for evidence and they will be running the license plate to gather more leads.
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back here live, police also say the suspects could be facing hit-&-run and other charges if you know anything you're urged to call san francisco police. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. a 17-year-old is being mourned today after she was killed in a deadly car crash last night. the chp says ashley karlston was ejected from her friend's car on lana road west of santa rosa a little before 8:00 last night. authorities say the driver, 18-year-old ashley kellogg lost control, hit a tree and then a telephone pole before ending up upside down. she suffered minor injuries. there was also a third person in the back seat who suffered major injuries but is expected to survive. in danville authorities say a dramatic crash was the result of a teenaged car thief who led concord police on a high speed chase on i-680. two southbound lanes had to be shut down for more than six
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hours while investigators combed the wreckage. police say 10:30 last night, 19-year-old michael holden was spotted driving in concord without his headlights on. he refused to pull over and led police on a chase at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. it ended when he crashed through a freeway guardrail and rolled down a hill. at last check holden was in critical condition. the iraq war veteran from mountainview accused of two bizarre kidnapping cases made a brief court appearance this morning. 23-year-old kenneth middlebrook appeared before a judge in palo alto. to set a date for a preliminary hearing. he's accused of holding two women against their will during long drives in a car. middlebrook was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, his father says he experienced horrific things in iraq and needs better mental health treatment. the preliminary hearing is set for june 18th. at least 150 people are
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under arrest including some in the bay area in a massive nationwide bust targeting synthetic marijuana known as spice. today federal agents served warrants in 29 states, the dea provided this video of a sniffer dog detecting drugs at a shipping facility. we're told at least one person was arrested in san francisco and drugs were processed in warehouses in millbray and stockton. synthetic cannabis known as spice, k2 or herbal incense, was banned in 2012. but in a ktvu special report last year we found it was widely available in local stores. today's raid involved at least 11 tons of synthetic drugs. employees at a struggling east bay hospital are vowing to fight to keep the doors open. even after voters rejected a tax measure meant to keep the facility running. ktvu's alex savage is live at doctors medical center in
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san pablo with what is next for workers and patients. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. nurses and other staff members say this is a sad day. doctors is a safety net hospital that serves mostly low income community in richmond and other surrounding cities and now in all likelihood it will be closing although many of the people who work here say they will fight to keep this critical facility open. >> this is a devastating blow for the community. >> reporter: calling it a public health crisis, registered nurse maria segun says if doctors hospital closes many patients would have to travel further to get care. the facility handles most of the emergency calls in this part of contra costa county and mostly serves the uninsured. >> it feels as though poor people are being marginalized. if we lose this hospital i wonder what is going to happen to the people here. >> reporter: juan guerrero brought his mother here for a visit this morning and he worries what is next. >> it's about -- we pay taxes
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and it should be open. >> reporter: voters were asked to approve measure c, a parcel tax that would have generated about $20 million for the hospital but after mailin ballots were counted last night only 51% of voters favored the tax and the measure needs 2/3 approval to pass. now nurses and other hospital workers are calling on county leaders to take control of the facility to keep it open. >> we want to make sure that they can take some responsibility for what we're doing here and -- pick up the pieces. they have an obligation. >> reporter: today the ceo of doctors hospital told me by phone that while voters have spoken there are still options. >> this organization has since 1997 been struggling to stay open and pursuing options. that fight has been no more fierce than in the past five years. we will continue to look for
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options. >> reporter: in the next couple of weeks the hospital board will likely take a vote on whether to close this facility and while there are some who are holding out hope the board president told me just a short time ago he's "not optimistic." in a plan isn't worked out doctors would likely close its doors by this summer. live this afternoon in san president bashar al-assad blow -- san pablo, pablo alex salveige, ktvu news. there's land linked-in wants to re-develop for office space. jana -- janine de la vega with more. >> reporter: linked in is at the britannia shoreline technology center. inside a set of older office buildings, that the company would like to re-develop. that is according to documents submitted to the city. here's a map of the two spots where the tech giant wants to expand. both along shoreline boulevard,
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larger parcels in the north bay shore area. the second location is near u.s. 101 across from the computer history museum. linked in, the largest social network for professionals has been expanding throughout the bay area. the company recently acquired property that uses office space in san francisco and earlier in the year laid down roots in sun anyveil -- sunnyvale. up to 8,000 square feet of office space would be redeveloped. the company also would like to buy highrises at one of the proposed sites. >> i think it's exciting to at least look at. we have not seen the detailed plans yet or what exactly is being proposed but i think anything that allows -- that shows there's still one significant interest in the north bay shore area is good for mountainview and two, to have some economic diversity out here. >> reporter: the proposal is in the preliminary stages and still needs to be approved by the state council. if approved the council could reportedly bring in as many as
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10,000 new jobs. linked in submitted a application to the planning staff to see if they would like to go forward with the project. something that would likely be considered, the traffic congestion and the impact to the environment. that goes before the city on may 27th. reporting live from mountainview, janine de la vega, ktvu tv news. a bay area congresswoman now getting involved in the kidnapping case of hundreds of school girls in nigeria. the action she and other bay area lawmakers are calling for. tracking a system that could bring a chance of showers to the bay area but a warm-up is also on the way. what is in store for the weekend including mothers' day? a mountain lion wandering the suburban streets of mountainview. ends up in a parking garage, a condo. how officials finally captured the cat and where it is now.
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everywhere i look, i see a country ready to move forward... and a congress standing in the way. their budgets are late; jobs bills are stalled... and special nterests run rampant. as an economics teacher at stanford, i know education means good jobs. so here's my plan: i'd start teaching computer coding in public schools right away. open doors for women in science and technology. and prepare young people for middle class manufacturing jobs. i'm ro khanna and i approve this message, because change starts with us.
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police stepped aside for the work of a wrangler in sacramento county this morning. the roundup, a feisty cow. the bovine took a stroll in a shopping center. it was corralled next to highway 9 the but it took a -- 99 but it took a cowboy with a rope to get the cantankerous cow under control. he helped get her into a
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trailer for the ride home. it's not clear exactly where she came from. a mountain lion that wandered through a mountainview neighborhood is safely back in the wild today. the big cat's eska paid began around 2:30 in the afternoon in the park. a half-hour later it was seen on california street, then a parking garage at a condo complex. this is video of the puma hiding under a car inside that garage. members of the puma project helped capture the animal last night. police set up a perimeter and residents were told to wait inside. >> it was crazy. didn't know what was going to happen. the whole apartment complex was locked up. >> the mountain lion was tranquilized with drugs that only lasted about 45 minutes so it was released shortly after capture into the open space. the puma project members say the animal probably became disoriented and then spooked when it found itself in unfamiliar territory. police in san jose are
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searching for two men they say killed another driver in a case of road rage yesterday morning. we first told you about the deadly shooting during the news at noon yesterday. police say a man driving on center road almost crashed into another car leaving the coyote creek mobile park. that is when investigators believe the driver who had been on center road got out of his car to confront the other men and was shot. >> it's getting crazier and crazier. it's scary. especially when there's a lot of children. i'm just glad it didn't happen when the kids were coming out of school. >> police say the suspects are two men in their 20s, driving a silver vw jetta. anyone with information is asked to call san jose police. pressure is mounting for the u.s. to do more to help rescue hundreds of kidnapped school girls in nigeria. congresswoman barbara lee said the abduction is a crime committed against mew manty. carla campbell from washington explaining what bay area lawmakers are calling for.
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kyla? >> reporter: they want the u.s. to step up their involvement to help rescue the teenaged girls. this morning congresswoman lee and other lawmakers called on the international community to create a relief fund to support young women who have been victims of boka haram, the terrorist group claiming responsibility for kidnapping more than 1250 girls d250 girls three weeks ago. he says he will -- the leader says he will sell the girls for sex. hostage negotiators are being sent to nigeria. >> reporter: i was there yesterday as california senator barbara boxer announced the senate passed a resolution condemning the abduction and calling for the safe return of the girls. some members of congress want the u.s. military to intervene in nigeria but as of now the white house says that option is not on the table. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news.
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president obama is headed to california for another visit. tonight he's scheduled to attend several events in the los angeles area including a fundraiser for the democratic party and an event at the holocaust history foundation at the university of southern california. then tomorrow evening the president will travel to the bay area to attend two fundraisers in silicon valley and on friday will visit a walmart store in mountainview to talk about the importance of energy efficiency. the coalition on homeless in south homeless -- san francisco is protesting new parking restrictions that makes it tough for people living in their vehicles. coalition members and vehicle dwellers gathered outside city hall this morning ahead of a hearing on homelessness. they say the city is towing vans and rvs because of new restrictions on parking and vehicle size and that many rv owners don't have the money to get their homes back from the tow yard. >> i feel like i'm doing the best i can. i just don't feel i deserve to
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sleep on the street. that's what would happen because if they did impound it i would not be able to get it back. i have no money. >> zach says he hopes to be getting a new job soon and move into an apartment. the coalition wants the city to let people park in industrial areas and possibly issue permits for people with larger vehicles and also waive towing fees if the vehicles are being used as homes. residents in the city of pleasanton are now required to cut back on water use by 25%. that is after a review of current water bills showed people in pleasanton didn't respond to a request for a voluntary 20% cutback. in fact city officials say instead there was actually a 9% increase in water use compared to last year. under the new rules people are only allowed to water their lawns twice a week and violators could face hefty fines.
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it would be nice to talk about significant rain in the forecast but unfortunately i'm just talking about the chance of a few sprinkles, not for t.d. but as we head into -- today but as we head into thursday. a live look outside shows you haze over san francisco bay this wednesday afternoon, with a hawaii clouds off-shore. patchy fog as well. the satellite and radar showing you this, basically the patchy fog this morning. the past few hours there have been clearing skies but still patchy fog off-shore. a weather system to the north and west will definitely bring in more clouds for tomorrow. a closer look, here's some of the current numbers, updated for the 12:00 hour. 59 degrees in san francisco now. san jose 61. concord 68. livermore reporting 66 degrees and mostly clear skies. wind speeds the past few days, still a bit of a breeze especially toward fairfield. winds out of the southwest checking in at 16 miles per hour. out toward half-moon bay, 16 miles per hour. sustained wind at 10 miles per hour. sfo one of the stronger winds
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gusting to 21 miles per hour at last check. for today we'll have partly to mostly sunny skies. a bit of haze like we showed you over the bay. here's our camera once again looking towards san francisco. tomorrow definitely more clouds, it will be cooler and possibly some drizzle or a few very light showers. the weekend though, a big change here, more sunshine and temperature, you'll definitely notice it going up into the weekend. here we are with the relatively clear skies now. here's that cold front basically falling apart, as it approaches the bay area. it will have enough energy to definitely bring in the clouds and that chance of a shower or sprinkle. and after that passes by we're going to see high pressure return. a nice weekend and temperatures really trending up. tomorrow one of the coolest days of the week. then you can see for sunday, monday and tuesday soaring, in fact by tuesday i think the warmest, easily approaching inland around 90 degrees. our forecast model shows you this. tonight we'll definitely increase the cloud cover. not a lot of rainfall to show you here but there's that chance of a sprinkle or light
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shower into your thursday. then decreasing clouds on friday with partly cloudy skies. forecast highs for this afternoon, thinking lots of 60s, warmest locations approaching the low to mid-70s. san jose a forecast high of 71. san mateo 66. a look ahead at the 7-day forecast, with the weekend always in view, more clouds thursday, going to warm up beginning friday. one thing we have to watch, by saturday night into sunday morning gusty winds in the north bay, east bay hills, that will increase the fire danger but tori, we better have a nice forecast for the moms sunday. it will be the warmest day of the week. lots of 70s and 80s out there. the breaking news in san francisco. bart of market street is -- part of market street is shut down due to a bomb threat. police say they got the call just before 11:00 a.m. officers evacuated the building on market street between 7th and 8th street. that houses the san francisco art institute's culinary school. market street is now shut down in that area near u.n. plaza. we just got this video in from the scene.
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the bomb squad is conducting a sweep of the building. the san francisco fire chief told our david stevenson a egg time we are a note was found but so far no explosives though it's causing issues in the area with market street shut down between 7th and 8th. we're keeping our crew on the scene and we'll have updated information as it comes in. a fruit recall to warn you about issued by an organic company. we finally know the name of the san francisco zoo's newest addition. a 10-month-old red panda. ñsxóxgñ
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stocks are mixed. internet companies are falling for the second straight day. aol dropped 22% after its earnings fell far short of expectations. the dow is currently up 94. san francisco prodeuce company is recalling organic mangos sold in the past month. pacific organic produce recalled cases of organic mangos shipped to five states including california. fruits may possibly be contaminated with listeria. the mangos were sold under the purity organic brand between april 14th and may 2nd. listeria is a food-borne illness that can be deadly. symptoms include fever and
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muscle aches. san francisco zoo is showing off its newest resident. we got a look at him just a little while ago. a 10-month-old red panda. they are an endangered species, native to the eastern himalayas and southwestern china. there's less than 10,000 left in the wild. the san francisco zoo board member and philanthropist barry lithin and his wife marie won the naming rights with the $31,000 pledge to the zoo. >> we have chosen the name tenst en. -- denzen. >> he was named after the famed sherpa who scaled mount everest in 1953. red pandas grow to the size of a house cat not counting its small bushy tail our chief meteorologist bill martin sat down with president obama to talk one-on-one about california's drought. we asked if the president agrees with the governor's plan to loosen environmental
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standards to protect our water supply and what solutions the president thinks will work. bill is the only bay area meteorologist to talk about the president. that interview tonight at 5:00. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always on, on follow us on twitter and facebook. thank you for watching.
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>> the following program contains actual video of real animal emergencies and is suitable for family viewing. coming next, treating an injured bobcat. plus, helping abandoned turtles and koi, and saving a wayward cat. this is "animal rescue." [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.]


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